My journey with art

Notes from around the world

my view

 I attempted to capture the deepest thoughts that reside in dreams, pangs and happiness of everyday life. Contemporary events and passionate love painted in light and shade only to reflect my personal beliefs.

My goal was to discover a relationship that is inexplicable. It is that relationship by which we try to understand each other, become partners in grief and love. My humble effort is to portray the intricacies of relationship coloured by momentous events of history and culture.

The commitment of love, meaning of fondness and depth of friendship these all can be communicated through touch. The magical touch of love adds meaning to the flow of life. Undaunted love that binds a man to his woman is reflected on in some of my paintings here. My focus remained on ‘hand’ which is the metaphoric expression of touch. Literature helps us reflect on our own life. We attempt to understand life, question our decisions, and try to find meaningful reasons for blunders we made as we watch dramas unfolding lives of others. An artist is no exception to this phenomenon. He/she adds to the dimension of this thought process.